5 Teas To Drink For Amazing Skin

By:  Lucy Wyndham 
More women are turning to natural remedies for their health and beauty. In a survey of 1,000 US women aged 18 years and older, 54% said that they want their skin care products to be all-natural, with millennials the most likely to spend on all-natural beauty products in the next two years. Apart from choosing natural cosmetics and organic skin care products, another way that you can get better skin is by drinking teas, and what can be more natural than a cup of freshly brewed tea? Some teas have skin-clearing and skin-firming properties that can help to give you amazing skin, and the good news is that you can drink these teas as often as you like. 
Why you should start drinking tea
Having a cup of tea can be invigorating or relaxing, depending on what kind you drink. But aside from being a tasty beverage, you can actually improve your health by drinking tea. The beverage contains antioxidants, which can protect your cells from damage and keep you looking young. It may also reduce the risks of heart disease and certain cancers. Moreover, drinking tea can boost your immune system, protect your bones, and prevent cavities. Certain teas can also help to make your skin look better, so swap your huge mug of coffee for a cup of any of these 5 teas.
Fresh nettle can make your hands sting,but the dried variety, when brewed into a tea, can improve your skin and hair. Nettle contains vitamin K, Vitamin B, zinc, selenium, boron, and chromium which can help to clear and firm the skin, making it a great choice for aging skin that’s prone to pimples. You can find dried nettle in health food stores across the country.
White tea
White tea is considered the purest tea that you can get because it’s made of the youngest tea leaves. It contains a high level of antioxidants and it can slow the aging process by preventing collagen and elastin breakdown in our skin.
It’s not only a great gum flavor but spearmint, when brewed into a refreshing tea, can help prevent pimples by controlling the production of sebum on the skin. This makes it a perfect tea for those plagued by acne or women who tend to get hormonal acne.
Peppermint tea not only aids the digestive system, but it can also improve oily skin. This tea can also give you that back-from-the-spa glow as it helps your skin to shed dead skin cells and encourages the production of new skin cells. The result? Fresh, beautiful and glowing skin.
If you suffer from eczema or contact dermatitis, try drinking a cup of chamomile tea. Chamomile has anti-inflammatory properties that help to soothe your skin. Applying cooled chamomile tea to your skin can also treat acne and burns.
For better skin, try brewing a fresh pot of tea today and say hello to a more radiant you.
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