Secrets to your Perfect Summer Glow

We want each and every member of our Moroccan Magic family to radiate their beauty from the inside and out. If you want to achieve the perfect summer glow, we wrote out all of the secrets just for you!


Skincare is the #1 ingredient of an eye-blinding glow! Doing the following will ensure healthy and hydrated skin:
  • Drink Water! Staying hydrated is one of the most important steps to healthy skin. Your complexion will stay clearer and brighter!

  • Exfoliate- Grab the nearest gentle face scrub or exfoliating tool and get rid of that dead skin! Exfoliating will remove the dullness and clear out your pores to let your healthy skin breathe. A tool that has worked miracles in my life is my microdermabrasion system with a diamond tip to get rid of dead skin.

  • Masks- After you exfoliate, you should refresh your skin with a mask. Go for one that offers "brightening" or "hydrating".

  • Moisturize- After removing the mask, make sure to apply your favorite serums and moisturizers to lock in hydration.

  • SPF- Excessive exposure to the sun's rays are harmful to your skin so don't forget to apply either sunscreen or makeup products with SPF. Here are 10 foundations to try if you don't know of any!


  • Low Sodium- Try to keep your sodium levels down to keep skin healthy and radiant

  • Balanced Diet- clean eating and nutrition are very important to keep skin glowing


  • Powder Highlight- Make sure you get those cheekbones looking angelic. You can use any powder highlight you like but make sure you go with a tone that compliments your skin. Ex: If you have yellow undertones, get a golden toned highlight.
  • Liquid/Creme Highlight- another option that I have been into lately is the liquid or creme highlight. You can use your finger/brush/beauty sponge to blend into your cheekbones, nose, chin, upper lip and forehead to give yourself an all over glow.

  • Homemade Highlight: This is my personal favorite trick for the summer. You can make your own glow oil by mixing together coconut, rose or argan oil and powder eyeshadow or highlight. Just scrape some powder out in whichever color you like and mix it into the oil to get a gorgeous shimmering finish. If the oil is too greasy or shiny for you, use a prepping/setting spray or any face mist instead with a few drops of oil to keep the skin hydrated.


  • Relax!!I I bet you don't hear that one often! The key to glowing is making sure that your happiness radiates from within. Spend some quality you-time and let your stress vanish away.

  • Travel- Summer is the perfect time for exploring new sceneries and cultures. Take time to feed your adventurous side and pick a new place to go!

  • Smile- You are your brightest when you smile, so don't be afraid to laugh and enjoy yourself this summer!