Our Favorite Organic/Indie Brands This Season

If you're eating organic, you should be wearing organic.  It's clear that with every calendar year that goes by the demand for clean beauty is increasing and new, safer indie beauty brands are emerging.

Here are some of our favorites!


Soul Sunday

"after working together in photography and film, kara kochalko and shea hardiman switched gears and traveled together for a few months. the inspiration from these travels led to soul sunday. with roots in art, yoga and wellness, they started a collective to foster new creative endeavors & collaborations. through natural ingredients and whimsical formulas, shea and kara formed their aromatherapy and natural skincare line as a way to reconnect with some of their favorite travel memories and encourage meaningful self care rituals. named after their weekend brunches, soul sunday embodies the time your soul is most free."

Indie Lee

"After conquering a life-threatening brain tumor that pointed to environmental toxins as the culprit, Indie Lee awoke on April 22, 2009 with a new lease on life and the passion to create a chic and eco-friendly namesake collection. Comprised of the finest ingredients from around the world, the line is designed to enhance the face and body with gratifying green glamour. Indulge in the luxurious feel and beautiful benefits of Indie Lee products while protecting the Earth– and your body. Unleash your inner and outer beauty with Indie Lee, an eco-chic collection of skincare products that combine style and sustainability without sacrifice."

White & Elm

"I’ve always had an obsession with beauty products. Growing up in the retail beauty industry I became quite the “beauty junkie”. But like many others, I’ve struggled with acne, skin sensitivities, and an inconsistent complexion. All my knowledge of traditional beauty products didn’t help my skin at all, in fact, it seemed to make it worse. I felt like I would never have normal skin, let alone beautiful skin.

I realized I needed a lifestyle change. I filled my kitchen with whole organic foods. I began juicing, practicing yoga and running. And then I took a radical step: I began making my own skin care products from plant based ingredients.

The results were incredible. I had renewed, clear and glowing skin. I knew I wanted to share this experience with others. This is why I founded White & Elm, built on the belief that good for you can be beautiful."

Moroccan Magic

"Moroccan Magic is the product of two of Kristina Tsipouras’s loves: start-up companies and lip balm. (Boston Globe article) “I’m a self proclaimed lip balm addict,” said the Milton-based entrepreneur, who launched the organic argan oil-infused product this month."

The oil, named for the tree fruit and traditionally produced by hand, has become popular in hair care products for its smoothing, moisturizing properties. The 30-year-old Tsipouras decided to experiment with it on skin and believes she has found lip-obsession perfection."

“If you’re eating organic, you should be wearing organic.” - Founder, Kristina Tsipouras

Moroccan Magic is a USDA certified organic lip balm infused with 100% pure argan oil and essential oils to treat lips to an ultra-hydrating formula that locks in moisture and keeps them looking and feeling beautiful.


Founders Christina Stratton and Ilana Alberico may come from two completely different worlds, their vision was the same: to create an accessible spa line for women that not only spoke to the core essence of mindful living, but that offered the healing benefits of botanically based ingredients as well. With the duo’s passion for natural skincare and knowledge of formulations and application, Privai was born.

“Ilana and I knew we wanted a skincare line that expanded beyond products. We wanted to simultaneously influence education, produce results for our guests and represent the power of inner beauty. With our vision its sharpest, we gathered a specialty team of botanists, chemists, estheticians and massage therapists and worked diligently to create something special… starting in the spa treatment room with our hands and our hearts.”

Free Your Mane

"In 2003, when I became the proud (and lucky) adoptive father of African American twins Ziggy and Nola, I quickly learned a lot about textured hair. As someone with coarse, curly hair myself, I’d shopped in the 'ethnic hair' section of the drugstore since I was a teen, always on the hunt for that perfect solution: something that delivered the extra hydration needed to smooth my frizzy, hard-to-manage hair. Now I had to do the same for my kids, but I didn’t want to use products filled with unhealthy chemical ingredients (like parabens, phthalates and sulfates) on their hair and skin.

Organic baby food was easy to get, but I had a hard time finding healthy hair- or skincare that delivered results. That’s when I vowed to create them for my family, and for yours. My company, Nola Industries, is named for my daughter, so I’ll always be reminded of my inspiration to help family and friends remain uncompromisingly beautiful and healthy."


Organic Argan & Essential Oil Lip Balm