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If you are a lip balm lover like us, you never leave the house without one. We carry a lip balm in our car, our purse, at the office, by our bedside table and use it on the daily! Our Founder Kristina, thought that this little product that we use each day, but don't think twice about deserved an upgrade. So three years ago, she set out to create a better balm. Kristina spent over two years creating the perfect formula. Ultra smooth, healing and long lasting without that waxy feel or taste. She sourced the highest grade Organic Cold Pressed Moroccan Argan Oil, Essential Oils and Herbs and came up with what people are now calling, 'The Best Lip Balm on the Market!' We are proud to offer a better balm, it's as simple as that. You deserve a everyday lip balm that feels special when applying. We hope our balms remind you to take a few moments throughout each day, to breath, relax and enjoy a Magic moment.

The Team at Moroccan Magic

And Our Founder