5 Ways to Use Moroccan Magic Lip Balm

You mean there are more ways to use a lip balm than just on the lips?

Yes!  Moroccan Magic ingredients are healing in more ways than one.


Apply to your lips for the smoothest lips in the world.


Apply to your cuticles to repair & protect your fingers and toes year round.


Apply to dry spots to moisturize your skin. For optimum healing in this department, use our Coconut Almond flavored balms (available at CVS.com) for that extra blast of healing coconut oil.


Apply to your or your child's eczema. Customers have told us that it healed their children's eczema!

"Moroccan Magic worked wonders on my son’s eczema. My son has small patches of eczema on his arms. One day, we were out and about and he was scratching up a storm. I didn’t have the lotion with me that we typically use, but I had Moroccan Magic. I used it just thinking if anything, it would stop the dryness from getting worse (which it did!) and hoped my son would stop scratching at his dry skin. The lip balm not only helped the dryness and itching, but his arms also looked soooooo much better the next day. We continue to use it as a body balm and it seems to be a great relief for him.”


Apply under your or your child's nose during a cold to feel the sweet relief and healing power of Moroccan Magic. Bonus points if you use our Peppermint Eucalyptus flavored balms.  Customers have told us that it actually helps clear their sinuses!

"Smoothest lip balm ever and I found out this past week when I had the flu, that the peppermint eucalyptus flavor even helps CLEAR THE SINUSES!"

Have another way you're using Moroccan Magic? Share with us!

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