Having guests this Summer? Here are 8 ways to make their stay & yours more enjoyable.

Having guests over doesn't have to be stressful, actually it shouldn't be! Following these 8 simple steps will make your company's stay more relaxing and will give you more time to simply enjoy their presence and get the hard work over before they arrive.

1. Offer Your Guests Refreshments When They Arrive

Travel can up the appetite so offering a tray of snacks and drinks as soon as they arrive is sure to be appreciated. You could even offer a fun, icy Summer cocktail to enjoy out on the deck!

2. Create a Bed & Breakfast-like Retreat

Make the bed neatly with fresh, clean bedding, empty some drawers and closet space for their clothing and luggage, and add toiletries and fresh flowers in the guest bathroom. Make your guests feel extra welcome with an amenity basket filled with goodies from local honey, cozy socks and Moroccan Magic lip balm

3. A Quick Tour Can Make Your Guests Feel More Independent

Showing your guests around your house can make them feel more at home. Be sure and note where the glasses, plates, snacks and drinks are so they don't have to feel dependent on you for their every need.

4. Set A Loose Agenda So Your Guests Can Be A Part of the Daily Planning

Having a list of fun things to do and presenting it to your guests on day one allows them to choose what activities they prefer making their stay more fun. Structuring your days too much can be exhausting, so presenting options for your guests is a win for everyone. Adding a list of mellow things to do that both adults and children can enjoy will make that 'night in' or rainy day much more fun too.

5. Set Up an Outdoor Living Space

Pull together some outdoor seating and tables, some citronella candles and maybe even a fire pit. Creating a relaxing outdoor space to gather with your guests is perfect for enjoying a morning cup of coffee or evening cocktails.

6. Simplify Entertaining With Pre-Visit Meal Prep

Once your guests arrive, the last thing you're going to want to do is spend the whole time in the kitchen, so create a more simple meal plan, like buffet style lunches and grab & go breakfasts for the first two meals of the day.

Breakfast ideas: Cereals, bagels, pastries, muffins or pre-cut fruit.

Lunch Ideas: Deli trays with an assortment of breads, Bagged Salads, Pre-prepped Paininis you just need to throw on to grill, Fresh Fruit, Bread & Cheese.

7. Create Kid Space

This is especially important for those of us that don't have small children and some are on the way. Coloring books, art supplies, Summer activities, games and dollar store toys are all helpful to take some of the pressure off your guests so they can pack lighter and keep the kids busy helping the adults re-connect and relax.

8. Happy Hour, Anytime

Most guests will appreciate this for obvious reasons. Having drinks outdoors in the afternoon or a mimosa or Bloody Mary with breakfast can help to make your guests feel like they're on vacation. Create some specialty cold drinks or use Pinterest Cocktail recipes to make them more exciting!


And there you have it!  Follow these 8 simple steps and enjoy your guests!


Happy Summer from all of us at Moroccan Magic!