Back to School: Room & Beauty Necessities

Packing for school is not only confusing but a daunting task. If you are like me, it is important to make your dorm feel as homey as possible, while also including the necessary items. Here is a list of our college must haves! 

Decor for your room:

  1. Mirrors
Since my freshman year of college mirrors have been a staple in my dorm room. They have the ability to open up a room, making it feel more spacious and bright. The ceilings will seem higher and it is a great way to fill wall space. This is a must! 

Urban Outfitters: $24
       Zara Home: $39.90         Urban Outfitters: $29

Other great places to look: Homegoods, Ikea, Target, Wayfair

*TIP!: if your school does not allow you to hang items with industrial equipment I suggest buying a cheap 5 dollar mirror (usually at Target or Walmart) and hanging it horizontal! You can use command strips to hold them and they look amazing stacked one on top of another.

  1. Lanterns

These lights are an amazing way to brighten and spunk up a space. Great to place in a window or above your bed! 

Urban Outfitters: $16

  1. Neon lights

My new obsession. Neon lights are fun and adorable. They are a great addition for wall decor and great when entertaining! You can find neon lights online and in many stores!

 Amazon: $66.66       Urban Outfitters: $69          Target: $39.99

  1. Throw Blanket

Every go getter needs some well deserved R&R. So why not get cozy with a blanket? This is a staple in any dorm room! Blankets come in all sizes, colors, patterns and prices! I highly suggest looking at Target, TJmaxx, Homegoods or Wayfair! 

Target: $9.99
        Wayfair: $18.99 

  1. Throw Pillows

Fun throw pillows create a homey feel while also funking up a bed. You can find adorable throw pillows for a reasonable price at most home stores. Some great places to look are Target, Homegoods, Ikea and Urban Outfitters Home.





Target: $29.99           Urban Outfitters:$29          Urban Outfitters: $49

  1. Snacks 

While this may seem like an obvious necessity, make sure to stock up on your favorite foods for busy times! 

  1. Diffuser/ Aromatherapy 

Diffusers a great addition to any dorm room. To learn about the benefits of aromatherapy read here

Amazon: $15.75                 Urban Outfitters: $22           Urban Outfitters: $25

Some other great staples I recommend are cute prints (you can look on etsy or urban home), firefly lights and a powerstrip for all of your cords! 


  1. Shower Caddy

While entering college it is important to keep yourself organized, right down to your beauty products. For many dorm style housing, communal bathrooms are common, and we have the perfect item to keep all of your items together.  

Amazon: $8.99
               Amazon: 17.00              Target: 8.00

  1. Face Masks

With a busy schedule everyone needs some TLC. Face masks are a necessity in any dorm room and are the perfect remedy for a self care night. 

There are many different brands of face masks that we recommend, but here are a few suggestions.

Target: $7.99
Free People: $16                 Urban Outfitters: $38

  1. Dry Shampoo

          Great for those days where you hit the snooze button one too many times. We are loving Living Proof dry shampoo right now - it’s makes getting ready in the morning that much easier. 

  1. Tinted Moisturizer

          For those early morning classes you are going to want to make your morning routine as simple as possible. We recommend using a tinted moisturizer to give your face a bit of color and hydration all at once. One of our favorites is First Aid Tinted Moisturizer 

  1. Gel pack for eyes

After a long night, or a stressful day, gel packs are a great way to relax and unwind. We all have endured dark under eye circles but here is a secret tool to make you look and feel more rested. You will thank us for this one!

Amazon: $23.90
Target: $8.79


By: Grace Broomhead