Essential Rose Oil Benefits

Magic in Nature.

Moroccan Magic proudly uses all natural ingredients to heal your lips. All of the elements that go into your lip balm are powerful while also gentle on your body.

Not only do we want our customers to replace the toxic products found on most store shelves, but we also want to educate you on the multitude of benefits from our wholesome ingredients! 

Inspired by our popular rose lip balm, we decided to share with you the health benefits of essential rose oil!

Rose oil heals the skin while also leaving a gorgeous scent and flavor. Customers LOVE our rose flavored balms and salves. Check out our products at common locations including Whole Foods and CVS!

Skin Care.

Rose Oil is an essential for your self-care routine!
  • Its high antioxidant activity helps fade scars, discoloration and stretch marks.
  • When a small amount is applied, it rejuvenates and gives you youthful, fresh skin.
  • Acne! Apply a small amount of rose oil to a blemish a few times a day to make them go away.
  • Studies show that when you apply rose oil to skin, it opens the pores to absorb more of the nutrients applied later. This means you can use the oil as a serum before applying moisturizer to enhance results.

Healing Powers.

Keep some rose oil in your first aid kit!
  • Its antiseptic properties make it useful for applying to wounds. and preventing a bacterial infection.
  • It sedates inflammation.
  • Spasms- Rose oil relieves multiple types of spasms including muscular, intestinal and respiratory.
  • Studies show that it protects against many viruses.
  • Compounds in the oil prevent excessive bleeding.

Astringent Properties.

Ingesting and applying rose oil helps preserve your youth. 
  • Strengthens gums and hair roots.
  • Tones and lifts skin.
  • Prevents loss of hair, teeth and development of wrinkles.
  • Liver health.

Feminine Health.

Rose oil provides many benefits to women in particular. 
  • It purifies the uterus and therefor delays menopause.
  • Regulates menstruation, eliminating many of the associated symptoms.


Rose oil contains aromatherapy attributes to help adjust your mood. 
  • Using an aromatherapy diffuser, you can use the floral scent of the rose oil to ease depression and anxiety.
  • Overall, studies show that the rose scent puts you in a more relaxed and happy state.