Fall Skin Care Routine

As autumn begins to roll around our skin becomes victim to the cold and drying air. Once again that tricky time in between seasons will arise, stuck in limbo between air that isn’t warm but not quite brisk enough for your puffer. Goodbye humid summer nights and say hello to fall. While it is important to stick with our AM and PM regimes it is vital to introduce new steps to your routine. Chilly and dry wind will cause parched lips, dry skin and cracked cuticles.  Before it's too late, get your fall skincare routine in order. Your transitional skin is begging for your help! Here are some tips you can adopt into your beauty regime during the fall dry season! 

Switch to creamy cleansers:

These types of washes will give your face more moisture and without drying you out.

Kick up your moisturizer a level:

The more hydration your skin receives, the better. It’s important to pile on moisturizer during the colder months in order to prepare for less sun and dry skin. Using creamier, richer lotions will help combat cracked and peeling skin. 

Give your eyes some attention:

The skin around your eyes is thin and more delicate than the rest of your face. According to Vogue, This area of your skin is also prone to aging faster than the rest of your face. Make sure to add moisture to these areas. Products such as aquaphor are great for trapping in moisture and keeping your cells hydrated. 

Lay off your toner:

Toner’s are still great to use, especially when you are trying to remove dirt and oils, but less is more. Toners often cause your skin to dry out so limit your use during the cold months. 

Use a Jade Roller:

According to Harper's Bazaar, Jade Rollers work to reduce inflammation and puffiness of the skin. They are also believed to improve circulation, which is beneficial throughout the cold winter months. I suggest storing your roller in the fridge to soothe your skin after a long day or after a face mask!

Stay hydrated:

As we return to the school and work grind, stress can be emulated. Rather than adding another product, drinking water throughout the day is shown to be beneficial for your skin (and everything else!). According to UW Health, staying hydrated rids your body and skin of toxins, giving you a radiant glow! While this is a fabulous tool for helping your skin in the colder months you should make sure to drink water during every season! 

By: Grace Broomhead