How To Eat Clean On A College Budget

Healthy eating is becoming more and more saturated every day. Avocado toast and green juices are following us everywhere and even though your jeans might be a bit looser, your bank account may feel a little tighter. Trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle can be overwhelming, especially when there are a plethora of fast food options at our disposal all day and all night.

That’s why I’ve taken it upon myself to outline some cheap and easy options that can help you stay on track AND afford rent. 


It’s everyone’s best friend and worst enemy. A salad, whether you eat it as a whole meal or serve it on the side, takes very little time to prep and can keep you full for a long time. A quick money-saving, healthy tip is to swap dressing for a slice of lemon and maybe a splash of olive oil if you’re looking for something heavier. Unpopular opinion: you don’t need croutons or any form of stale bread on a salad. Trust me, you’ll save a few cents, a few calories, and you won’t miss the crunch. 

Stock up on frozen vegetables.

This is a great way to stretch your dollar. Of course, there will always be exceptions but I do recommend buying a few bags of frozen fruit and veggies to mix into smoothies, stir fry, casseroles, etc. I like to throw a bag or two on a baking sheet alongside some chickpeas to make buddha bowls. 

Speaking of chickpeas, chickpea pasta is an incredible alternative to white flour pasta.

Don’t be afraid of the slightly different consistency because where it lacks in texture, it makes up for in flavor. Not only, are pasta alternatives a versatile meal option, they typically cost around just three dollars per box and make for the best lunch leftovers. 

By: Hailee Sullivan