Happy First Day of Summer!

We love summer and we are excited about all the celebrations and parties! From the Fourth of July, Beach Trips, Family Visits, and BBQs, there is so much to celebrate in the Summer!

We’ve made a list of our top ways to celebrate summer!

1. Have a Picnic

Nothing is more classic than a summer picnic! We love making little sandwiches, iced tea, and grabbing the perfect gingham blanket and a wicker basket to celebrate the sweet summer! 

2. Stargaze!

Nothing says summer quite like stargazing! We love looking for Orion, Little Dipper, Hydra, and so many more! Learn more about all 88 constellations here.

3. Start a Garden

There is something beautiful about working hard and keeping plants alive! We know from time to time we struggle with our office plants, but we LOVE the idea of starting a garden! Getting in the dirt and helping plants thrive is so valuable and can make you feel great!
Here are ten steps to starting your first garden!


4. Take a Road Trip

Hello, good music and open roads! Summer is here, and we love throwing our overnight bags into our car and heading on a road trip! Nothing says summer like the windows down and traveling the open road with your best friends!

5. Go Camping or Glamping!

We love the idea of getting in touch with nature and sitting around a campfire! If you aren’t the outdoorsy type, then glamping may be for you! We are obsessed with glamping is the perfect mixture of getting in touch with nature, but still getting to sleep on a mattress and a cozy duvet!

6. Mix a Cocktail

Nothing says summer like a nice boozy refreshment! With visitors and parties to go to, we recommend having a variety of options to mix up the perfect cocktail. Here is a list of over 20 Summer themed mixed drinks. We love the Summer Punch, and with only 5 ingredients it is definitely a win for us!

7. Greet the Morning With Sun Salutations

Time to stretch it out! Yoga has many benefits, including flexibility and mind-body awareness. Try running through a simple sun salutation each morning and see how it affects the rest of your day!