Weekend Travel: How to Pack the Perfect Overnight/Weekend Bag

Summer Fridays anyone?!

We would love to hear where you are headed this Summer, but in the meantime, we gathered some tips and tricks to make packing easy and effortless!

First and foremost, make sure you look up the weather of your destination! Always remember to pack light jackets for the evenings as most climates tend to get cooler as the day goes on.
Pack comfortable shoes - one pair that is good for walking and a pair that you can transition from daytime to evenings out. (We love how easy it is to transform wedges from day to night!)

Dresses make for an easy chic outfit so make sure to include a few in your bag. We love to accessorize with a big hat and sunglasses! Extra tip: Make sure to roll your clothes so you can fit more in your bag!

Too much sun exposure can leave your lips dehydrated so remember to always pack your Moroccan Magic lip balm. Applying our lip balms will leave your lips smooth and hydrated!