Other Ways To Use Your Lip Balm

Spring is finally here! We've made it through the winter, but now it's time to make it through the COVID-19 crisis. Here are a few fun ways to use your lip balm while enjoying your quarantine spa-night at home. 

Running out of some of your favorite go-to products? Here are a few tricks on how to use your everyday lip balm 10 different ways:

  • As an cuticle stick
  • As an under eye balm before bed
  • All over your face before bed to wake up glowing (we suggest our Manuka Honey or Rose)
  • As flavored cooking oil (Yes, you heard that right. Try cutting up your lemon thyme or coconut almond stick for baking or sautéing veggies or poultry.
  • Use on your feet, elbows or dry patches
  • Use as a brow balm to hold in place and style
  • To relieve eczema 
  • To relieve a burn
  • To tame flyaways and split ends 
  • As a shoe shining polish

    While stuck inside, also make sure to check out our new holistic healing rescue collection including flavors like Elderberry & Manuka Honey. They were created with extra care to heal those dry, chapped winter lips and are even believed to act as an additional anti-bacterial barrier to the outside world. You can find our collection on shelves at local retailers such as Whole Foods, Walgreens, Target, Stop & Shop, Walmart, Amazon and moroccanmagic.com.