The Benefits of Rose and Lavender Essential Oils

There are many benefits of adding essential oils (especially rose and lavender oils) into your routine. We want to share with you some of these benefits and the reasons why our balms are made with a base of argan + essential oils.

Rose oil is believed to heal the skin while leaving you with a beautiful scent. Not only does it soothe your skin but according to Cathy Wong of Very Well Health, it also may help to reduce acne, stretch marks, discoloration and helps fade scars. She also states that applying a small amount onto your skin is also believed to be beneficial to rejuvenate your skin.  Aside from all the skincare benefits, according to Kiran Patil’s article on Organic Facts, rose oil is used for aromatherapy to adjust your mood. It is believed that the scent of rose oil puts you in a more relaxed and happy state of mind. Kiran Patil’s article also informs readers that rose oil is also known to help protect against many viruses. 

Lavender Essential Oils have many powerful benefits as well. According to Meenakshi Nagdeve’s article on Organic Facts, applying lavender oil on wounds is believed to heal any minor cuts, bruises and burns. She also mentions that applying a small drop of lavender oil onto your temple is known to help reduce anxiety, insomnia and stress. We recommend applying lavender oil onto your pillowcase before bed and applying an extra layer of Lavender Vanilla balm onto your lips! Meenaskishi Nadgeve’s article also states that lavender oil is also believed to help aid in hair loss, relieve muscle pain, and alleviate headaches.

* Stay tuned for more updates on our new Rose and Lavender Hair + Skin Collections launching this Fall! 

Written by: Melanie Melouf, Marketing Assistant