Too Much Fun in the Sun? Natural Remedies for Sunburn

By:  Lucy Wyndham


If you’re outside making the most of the beautiful summer weather, hopefully you’ve been slapping on the sunscreen, popping on a hat, and modeling that great new cover-up you bought for your holidays. Thanks to skincare campaigns and health bodies raising awareness, the dangers of sunburn are well known and prevention - with a high factor suncream and covering clothes - is definitely best. But what about when you do get burned? It can be all too easy to lose track of time sunbathing, or forget to sunscreen specific areas like your lips. Keeping things simple with natural remedies is a great way to soothe your sunburn and give your skin some TLC.


All about the aloe

The aloe vera plant is an essential to keep in your home, because of the amazing properties contained inside. The gel comes from the inner part of the aloe leaf, and is a clear substance containing over 75 active components such as amino acids and vitamin E. It contains glycoproteins and hormones which help to relieve pain and inflammation, and forms a protective layer over the burned skin helping to keep it hydrated and moisturized. Always try and use pure aloe straight from the plant, or look for a 100% aloe gel in health shops: creams and lotions merely containing some aloe won’t have the same effect.


Dairy-based solutions

If you don’t happen to have an aloe plant hanging around, then head to your refrigerator for a quick fix to soothe your sunburn: milk or yogurt. Smooth a layer of yogurt over the burned area and leave it to sink in for 5-10 minutes, or soak a washcloth in cool milk and do the same. Make sure the yogurt or milk is plain and unflavored - as natural as possible - and let the proteins do their work, rebuilding the damaged outer barrier of your skin.




A little bit of magic

Witch hazel is another great natural remedy for irritated and burned skin. The leaves, bark, and twigs have a whole host of medicinal properties, containing ‘tannins’ which help to reduce swelling, kill off nasty bacteria, and repair damaged skin. The distilled liquid can be bought from health food shops or pharmacies, and is best used for sunburn when soaked in a cloth or cotton balls and dabbed carefully on the affected area.

Try out these lovely natural remedies to calm down your sunburn and soothe your irritated skin - but remember with the sun, prevention is definitely the best cure.


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