What Does Your Lip Shape Say About You?

Your lip print is more useful than leaving behind an imprint on your wine glass or leaving a kiss mark on your nephew's cute chubby cheeks. In fact, lip prints actually reveal a ton about your personality. 

So throw on your favorite lip color, pucker up and kiss that napkin and see what your lip shape & print says about you!

You're open to new experiences and love to find random and spontaneous adventures. You're the life of the party that everyone wants to be around.

You're a diplomat or peacekeeper with a great ear for listening. You're a pro at diffusing tense situations with your fabulous compromising solutions.

You have a strong spiritual side or a feeling of personal connection to something bigger than yourself and likely find time in your day to meditate, as you know how beneficial it can be.

Generosity is your middle name, and it's not just about financially giving for you—sharing your ideas, thoughts, skills, and resources is just as important.

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