Why You Should Never Lick Chapped Lips

We've all been there. You reach into your jacket pocket or purse for your favorite lip balm only to find it not there. Your lips are becoming more chapped by the minute as cold, dry air hits them so you resort to something you only do during times like these... you lick your lips.

Here are 3 reasons why you should avoid doing this at all costs:

1. Makes Our Lips Even Worse: While the instant moisture may feel nice at first, your salvia will quickly evaporate leaving your lips drier than before. 

2. Breaks Down Our Natural Barrier: Our salvia contains digestive enzymes that wear down the protective barrier on our lips over time with consistent licking, making them more likely to crack.

3. Quickly Becomes A Habit: If you find yourself constantly without a hydrating lip balm on hand, you'll continue to lick your lips over and over again for temporary relief. Break the habit as soon as it starts by having lip balm in your car, jacket pocket, purse, nightstand, etc.


Cracked, flakey and irritated lips are common during the colder months but very easy to prevent. Next time you find yourself without your favorite Argan Oil infused balm, try your best to avoid licking your lips and check out your nearest Walgreen's checkout lane for relief!