A Long Journey to Vegan Skincare

With over 20 formula revisions and a year of development, we finally nailed it to bring you not only top quality and effective skincare, but complete vegan skincare. So what does this mean exactly?

Vegan cosmetics or beauty products should contain no animal products, animal by-products or animal derivatives. Common ingredients like keratin, lanolin and stearic acid are all sourced from animals and would never be found in vegan products.

Our whole skincare collection has been tried and tested by not only Kristina but the whole team here at Moroccan Magic. If it wasn't something us skincare lovers wanted to continue to use, we knew that we hadn't found our final formulation yet.

Indulge in our lotions, washes and exfoliant know that animals stayed very far away from the making of these products and we left the magic up to us.